Leadership - Christian Tharp - Athletics Ambassador

Leadership Position:
Athletics Ambassador
Self Employed
Job Title:
Business Owner
Various licenses/designations/education in real estate, property management & stock market analysis
Lives In:
Upper Arlington
Dayton, Ohio

About Christian

About Christian
After being born in Houston, Tx., my family moved to Dayton which is where I lived until 1999. While living and working in Dayton I met my now wife, Heidi, which is what brought me to Columbus.

Since moving here I have become a licensed real estate agent w/ property management designation and started four different businesses in the fields of home improvements, property management/real estate investment, and loan closing services.

Most often I spend my time working as a full time stock market trader/consultant. When not working, I enjoy spending time with my best friend - my wife, dining out, working out 4-6 times a week, spending time with friends and traveling as often as possible. I have a "son" who walks on 4 legs (a cocker spaniel who is my little co-worker all day long). As my family, friends and anyone in CYP CLUB who knows me knows, my passion is sports. Doesn't matter what, just sign me up and I'll play!

Community Involvement and Interests
After having only been in the CYP CLUB for a year, I have become very active and excited about the organization. I plan to become even more involved as the organization grows and I look forward to becoming one of the CYP CLUB's movers and shakers! I also hope for the days when I can donate more of my time to organizations that benefit under-privileged children, children with special needs and to anyone who has not been as fortunate as I have.

What does Columbus offer young professionals?
Opportunity! In my career I've traveled the entire state and thus spent time in Dayton, Cincinnati, Cleveland and every small town in between. Columbus is unique for Ohio in that it offers a chance for anyone who wants to the resources needed to achieve. It also has so much to do regardless of your interests. Most importantly, it offers young professionals the CYP CLUB!

What do you hope members get out of their involvement in the CYP CLUB?
Anything you want to do, CYP CLUB probably offers it. It's run by like-minded people who combine the young, hard-working professional with business, culture, networking, sports and good, clean fun. I only regret not joining earlier!

What's your favorite CYP CLUB event and why?
The CYP CLUB Cruise, without a doubt. It was like going on vacation with 20 of your best friends - and I didn't even know anyone! Best of all, you can get a little loopy and you don't have to drive home.

My Favorites...

My favorites...

Local restaurant:
Las Margaritas
Krispy Kreme
Lunch spot:
Sports car:
Bugatti Veyron
Radio station:
ESPN radio
TV show:
Flipping Out
Wow, I'm a sucker for movies, period.
Place to shop:
Easton - Express, Apple, any sportswear store
Sports team:
Tennessee Titans and Buckeyes