History of the CYP Club

Derek Grosso and Patrick Preston were at Brazenhead during the summer of 2005, waiting for a table during $3 burger night. As they looked around, they realized people were only talking to others at their table. People were not interacting outside of the group they came with. And it wasn't that they were unfriendly, it's just that they were so comfortable with their small group of friends that there was no need to meet new friends.

So Derek and Patrick came up with the idea of starting a group that was free and didn't require attendance at events - just a collection of like-minded people who didn't necessarily know each other, they just knew they wanted to experience more throughout Columbus.

Derek and Patrick wanted the Columbus Young Professionals Club to be inviting and welcoming, where somebody said "Hello" as you came in the door and people didn't try to out-impress one another. The idea was that the group would be unpretentious and fun, without the politics and bureaucracy that have hurt other organizations in the past.

The other thought was that the CYP Club would be a great way to network, to organize philanthropy and in time, to form athletics teams. It all came together in July 2005. The website was set up and the first event was held at Brazenhead - it seemed appropriate. They spread the word by contacting as many people as they knew through a variety of different methods. About 100 people showed up and the event was a huge success. So, the following month another event was scheduled to raise money for Hurricane Katrina victims.

In October, the first hands-on philanthropy event was organized, a canned food collection and trick-or-treating campaign for canned foods. Over 1,200 pounds of food and more than $200 was collected that night. Shortly following the Fall Food Drive, membership began to grow and The Columbus Dispatch and Columbus BusinessFirst each featured stories about the group. It was at this point that the membership application became the way to sign up for membership.

In July of 2010, the CYP Club celebrated its five-year anniversary with a huge bash at the Lifestyle Communities Pavilion in downtown Columbus. It was announced that two levels of membership (Social and Premium), thus providing even more access and benefits to current and future members.

Since that summer day in 2005, membership has continued to increase and the CYP Club has become a place where young professionals can network, socialize, grow professionally, and help out within the community together.

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