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Columbus Young Professionals Club presents 'A Date 2 Remember'

Charity event features fashion show, date auction
February 9, 2010
By John Benson

For members of The Columbus Young Professionals Club, there's a balance between playing hard while enjoying life and also giving back to the community. That's why two years ago the Central Ohio organization, made up of more than 9,700 young professionals, entrepreneurs, executives, creative thinkers and social people, created its "A Date 2 Remember" charity event, which this year takes place Feb. 13 at BoMA.

The unique evening combines a date auction with a fashion show featuring clothing from Columbus-area boutiques and shops. All proceeds raised from the event will benefit local non-profit organizations A Kid Again and the Capital Area Humane Society.

We talked with The Columbus Young Professionals Club President and Founder Derek Grosso—a Long Island, N.Y., native—about his organization and the “A Date 2 Remember” charity event.

What exactly is The Columbus Young Professionals Club?
We've been around for just under five years and continue to grow. We host between 100 to 150 unique events a year, ranging from social mixers to networking breakfasts, dinners, cultural shows, community service and athletics. We do a lot of different things. We call ourselves a for-impact organization made up of young professionals who live and work in Columbus. Our membership is actually free, and we host an event almost every week.

How did The Columbus Young Professionals Club come up with the "A Date 2 Remember?"
It's kind of our signature charity event. We wanted to do something that would be different and allow our members to raise awareness for some charities. It's for two charities, that’s why it's called 'A Date 2 Remember,' and all the money that’s raised from the date auction and fashion show combined will go 100 percent to those charities. So what we do is we ask if any of our members wants to participate on that date. We have bachelors and bachelorettes and so often we’ll throw in couples and celebrities. We get them ready to be both the date participant as well as the fashion model. So it’s a high-energy event that raises a good amount of money. And it's a very different, kind of unique fundraiser. It’s very different from anything else in Columbus.

The date auction sounds like something straight out of "Sex in the City." How does this play into the charity event?
We did the first one in 2007. We thought what's something that we can do on a large scale performance-wise incorporating our members. It's fun stuff and it involves a lot of the businesses and local attractions that we have relationships with. So we thought, "Let's try a date auction and incorporate a fashion show, and then let's make sure that it's not just dinner and a movie. Let's get some extraordinary date packages." So this year we have an OSU package, which includes lunch at Eddie George's Grille with Archie Griffin. You also can get a signed football. Or let's incorporate some really out-of-the-box thinking. Not just a Blue Jackets game, but really good tickets—and you get a chance to go on a Zamboni and check out Sushi Rock on the Cap. And then we've got some people really shooting for the fences. We have packages that incorporate Harley motorcycle lessons and a bunch of things like going to the Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum and concert tickets. This makes the date a really cool experience.

Finally, who would enjoy attending "A Date 2 Remember?"
Tickets are $25 in advance and $35 at the door. You can come and there will be a cocktail hour from 7 to 8 p.m. and we have food donated from a bunch of local restaurants. We'll do a live auction, and we'll be selling raffle tickets. It's just a really exciting event that, even if you're not bidding or winning, it'll be a lot of fun to watch.

"A Date 2 Remember" runs from 7 to 11 p.m. Feb. 13 at BoMA. For more information on The Columbus Young Professionals Club and this event, visit www.cypclub.com/events.

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