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CYP CLUB Coffee Shot

September 8, 2010
Reviewed by Anita and Courtney

For most people mingling with their peers at 7:30am doesn't sound like the worst thing that could happen to them all day, for us it may top the list of things we least want to do. Luckily the Columbus Young Professionals networking group has figured out how to make that scenario more bearable, even for night-owls like us. After you register to be a member with CYP Club you have access to tons of events like the Coffee Shot. For $5 you get coffee and some breakfast munchies, a chance to meet other professionals and a speaker with a message about business. This event is pretty business professional so we would suggest not looking like you just rolled out of bed. No need for a full suit but business casual is great. Steve Baldzicki was the speaker for this Coffee Shot, he founded Big Fish Networking, a nationally recognized networking group that's been around for more than 10 years. See if we could pull ourselves together to seem semi-professional at this event... check it out!

CYP Coffee Shot from Anita Kwan on Vimeo.

Anita's Take

I was nervous because it was my first CYP networking event plus it didn’t help that it was at 7:30am. At least they had coffee, fruits, and muffins (even though the description said bagels...oh well). There were many other first-timers which made me more comfortable and everyone there was very friendly and willing to network. We learned a lot of valuable things from our speaker that inspired us to really connect with one another. And we did!

Courtney's Take

Networking... its on of my least favorite words. Seriously it just makes me feel uneasy and it seems so fake. Thankfully all of the experiences I've had at CYP have been great. They can be a bit intimidating at first, especially if a coffee shot is your first event because you have to stand up and introduce yourself. Plus I HATE getting up super early but honestly it wasn't too bad and there are a lot of interesting people that attend. There are still going to be people that just want to meet you to get something out of you but you can sift through those people to make good, real connections. I really liked this event except I would add bagels... muffins are not real breakfast food. Blah!

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