Pack Buddy Boxes for the Family Mentor Foundation

Pack Buddy Boxes for the Family Mentor Foundation

Today at 1:00pm Family Mentor Foundation
Speed Friend-working Social

Speed Friend-working Social

Monday January 27, 2020 Endeavor Brewing Co.

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Behind the Dance with Student and Choreographer Joshua Manculich

Written by Jane D'Angelo

OhioDance Executive Director Jane D’Angelo sat down with Ohio State University MFA student and choreographer Joshua Manculich for a Q & A. His dance piece “Ride” will be performed as part of the OhioDance Festival on Apr. 22-24 at BalletMet Columbus. This is the second year in a row that a piece he’s choreographed has been selected by a panel of adjudicators. One adjudicator commented that Joshua’s work is, “visually interesting, with strong perspective.”

Jane: What is a defining moment in your past that made you realize dance was it?

Joshua: Dance was always integral to my life, even though I did not start training until I was 14. When I decided to leave a full ride as a psychology major at Otterbein and go study dance at Point Park University, I remember being like — okay… this is it! Even if it does not go anywhere I get to dance three more years.

Jane: Do you have any pre-performance traditions or habits?

Joshua: As a choreographer, I like to drink a glass of wine before ¬¬— ha-ha! As a dancer, I like doing some sort of cardio exercise to get my heart rate up. I try to use the adrenaline for the good, the performance.

Jane: What is on your playlist?

Joshua: Sam Smith. Mozart. Lisa Gerrard. Sidsel Endressen.

Jane: What prompted you to go back to school? Why OSU?

Joshua: When I auditioned, I knew that I was done at Thodos Dance Chicago — OSU offered me a three-year fellowship. My family is here! And the studios are beautiful. In Columbus, I am impressed by the support the city has towards freelance artists.

Jane: What is your favorite food? What time of day do you want it? And where is the best place to find it?

Joshua: Donato’s Pizza. I can eat a whole large pepperoni by myself on a Friday night with a homemade frozen margarita!

Jane: What experience and/or achievement do you consider to be the summit of your dance career?

Joshua: The Princess Grace Award Choreography Fellowship was a moment, and honor. The award helped me to realize that my movement vocabulary and use of it is very particular to me.

Jane: Where do you see yourself in five years?

Joshua: I want to be a (magical) professor of dance that always continues to create, dance and learn. I imagine choreographing around the U.S. on my months off while being in the collegiate setting, preparing young dancers with tools and a passionate outlook that excites them for performance and creative careers. If I am dreaming or marry someone rich, I will own a gallery and dance studio space where I can present paintings and dance!

OhioDance invites you to volunteer and/or attend our OhioDance Festival Apr. 22-24 BalletMet, 322 Mt. Vernon Ave., Columbus, OH 43215. Please call or email us for discounted tickets at and like us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!


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