Coffee with a Cause: United Way of Central Ohio

Coffee with a Cause: United Way of Central Ohio

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Insects in Action: Cirque du Soleil's "OVO" Hits Columbus

Written by Mariah West

19 trucks emblazoned with the Cirque du Soleil logo rolled into Columbus this week, bringing with them the troupe’s touring show, the insect-themed OVO. Put into action by a crew of over 170 people from around the globe, OVO blends the heart-pumping thrills of a stunt show, the playful innocence of the circus, and the visuals of a theatrical production in a ride that’s suitable for all ages. Here’s a preview of what to expect from this stunning, not-to-miss event, which will run at the Schottenstein Center through Sunday May 21.

The Stunts: The #1 reason for attending any circus is, of course, the thrill of watching the performance of superhuman stunts & skills, a feature Cirque du Soleil jam-packs into all of their shows. Viewers of OVO will be enthralled by on-stage contortionists, jugglers, and dancers, and find themselves on the edge of their seats during gravity-defying scenes that feature slack-wire balancing, vertical-wall trampoline & tumbling, aerial performances, and more.

The Story: In addition to physical feats, OVO also offers a storyline. Told completely through music and dramatic miming, the show follows a bug in love as he pursues and struggles to woo his leading lady. Scenes featuring these endearing clown-like characters evoke plenty of laughs and give viewers a lighthearted breather between more intense acts.

The Scenery: Another aspect of Cirque du Soleil that defines it from the typical three-ring affair is the dazzling visuals of the productions. In OVO, the insect characters of the story are set in their natural habitat, juxtaposed with video & image projections of extreme-close up nature scenes and props like giant pieces of fruit and larger-than-life flowers & animal eggs. The performance also boasts quite an eye-popping light show, which brings an extra level of drama to stunt-focused scenes and creates the perfect ambiance to others.

The Costumes: As awe-inspiring as the stunts in any Cirque show are, characters in these shows would be nothing without their elaborate costumes. Each is a masterpiece in its own, custom-made to every on-stage participant in a process that can take up to 70 hours per outfit. Bursting with vibrant color and exotic textures, the stage makeup and costuming in OVO truly bring the insect theme to life, with characters like giant stick bugs on stilts, long-legged crickets, winged moths & butterflies, and so much more.

Where else will you be able to catch a spider on a unicycle this weekend?

Click HERE for more info & tickets to OVO.

Photo by Roger Cullman via Flickr


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