Frequently Asked Questions

  1. So what is the CYP Club all about?
    At its heart, the CYP lub is about providing local young professionals and career-minded young adults with opportunities to connect with each other and the opportunities throughout the Columbus region. We promote career and business networking, social interaction, community service, local culture, and athletic participation. We hold a variety of events: some free, some with a fee to enter. The concept is simple: friendly, intelligent people coming together to make their lives and the lives of others better through all of the avenues listed above. If you are of the mindset that you don't enjoy making new friends, then it's likely you will not enjoy the CYP Club. But if you appreciate the value of developing friendship, giving back to the community, and networking with other young professionals, you will find the CYP Club to be the best place to enhance your circle of friends and contacts.
  2. How many people attend CYP Club events?
    It varies between events. After-hours networking and social events draw between 100-200 people, some as many as 500 people (though we prefer to keep numbers lower than that). Other events are smaller and may have a maximum capacity. Sports teams have 10-15 members on average, with a league consisting of 100-150 total players. Morning networking draws between 40-50 people. We have hosted group dinners from 30-90 in attendance. Some of our volunteer events have as few as five participants and as many as 50. Special events, such as A Date 2 Remember, can have as many as 1,000 people. Whatever the attendance, plan on having a good time.
  3. I'm interested in learning more about the CYP Club. Do you have any type of orientation or meet-and-greets for new members?
    We host meet-and-greet dinners for members every other week. It is always on a Monday or Tuesday at a different restaurant each time. Please check our events calendar for details:

    Other than that, you are free to attend any of our events to get a feel for the group. We host about 200 different events a year. Some events we need RSVPs for, others we recommend advance registrations. And always check out for additional details on events, athletics, and to view photos from past events.
  4. I'm a bit skeptical of filling out an application. Are you going to send me a bunch of junk mail or sell my information to telemarketing companies?
    No. Never. Like any organization, we need to know who our members are. We utilize the member application in planning events and how best to grow the organization. But we do not share this information with any third parties. We have yet to send anything in the mail to CYP Club members (it's expensive). Feel free to ask current members if they have been bothered by CYP Club-related junk mail, etc.
  5. I filled out the membership application. Am I a member now?
    Assuming you have completely filled out the form and you fit the basic requirements of membership, yes, you are now a member and will begin to receive our weekly emails. You will receive a confirmation e-mail sometime soon. If you have not received it, please contact us ASAP. It might be a problem with a spam filter or your e-mail address.
  6. So what if I'm not sure about membership. Can I wait and join later?
    Not a problem, take as much time as you need. With as many people as there are in the CYP Club network, we don't pressure anybody to join. But if you attend events, you may be subject to non-member prices, usually an extra $5-10. And you DO have to be registered as a member to join any of our athletic leagues or access member benefits.
  7. I'm glad there's an organization like this in Columbus. So how can I get more involved than just attending events once in awhile? Do you guys need any help?
    We are always looking to get members more involved in the CYP Club. The best way is through community service and philanthropy efforts. We have a variety of opportunities to help out in the community. The biggest thing we need is commitment. Getting involved with our Leadership Team requires more than a passing interest. And the time it takes to equip you with the tools to make a difference is wasted if you cannot follow through with your commitment. If you lead a busy life with constant work demands and little free time, you might be best served participating in specific events rather than over-committing yourself.
  8. What are the basic requirements of membership? Do I have to be a lawyer or a doctor?
    No. We define the term "Young Professional" as a career-minded adult over the age of 21, generally in their 20s or 30s. This applies to teachers, students, entrepreneurs, lawyers, realtors, bankers, and many other industries. We do, however, reserve the right to deny or revoke membership if you disrespect others in a way that inhibits their ability to enjoy being involved in the CYP Club.
  9. Do I need to bring a group of friends to events or can I attend by myself?
    With friends or by yourself, either way you'll have a good time. Each one of us has seen groups where new members get the cold shoulder. We pride ourselves on our ability to connect people from various career sectors who have mutual interests. In addition, our leadership team is active at events to make sure everybody feels welcome. And with rare exception, we have at least one or two people greeting at the door of events when you arrive.
  10. Is this a singles group?
    No. None of our events are geared toward dating. In addition, if a member were to approach us to say they were uncomfortable by the actions of another, we would quickly deal with the situation. That said, we aren't oblivious to the fact that some young professionals would like to meet others for dating purposes. But with as many married couples that we count as members, we strive to make every event comfortable for all. That means allowing young professionals the freedom to act as grown-ups and treat others with respect and friendliness.
  11. How did the group get started?
    Check the website and click on the About Us>History of the CYP Club link to read the story of how the CYP Club came into existence.
  12. So you offer networking, social events, philanthropy & volunteer opportunities, arts/culture, athletics, and travel. That's great. But I really only care about one of them. Is that a problem?
    Not a problem, but you may change your mind. Everybody benefits from networking, regardless of what you do or whether it's sales-related or not. And everybody can make a difference in the community through philanthropy work. Whether you are only interested in athletics or socializing, that's fine too. We recognize young professionals are unique and have busy schedules, and we appreciate those differences with a wide variety of events.
  13. If membership is free, does becoming a member entitle me to benefits that non-members do not receive?
    Yes. In addition to paying discounted member prices at certain CYP Club events, you will receive various discounts and deals from a variety of businesses from time to time. You will also receive weekly emails and you can participate in recreational sports leagues which require membership.

    For a full list of CYP Club member benefits, please visit
  14. How can I change my password or request a new password?
    Change Your Password: Sign in at and click on "Profile" (both at the top right of the page). Then find the gray options bar (left side of the page) and click "Account Information." There will be a text link to "Edit" your information. You can select a new password here. *Remember, your username is your email address.

    Request a New Password: Visit and enter your email address.
  15. How can I keep up with what events are going on?
    Check the website,, for the most up-to-date information. We also send out email updates to members every week, so let us know if you are not receiving the member e-blasts. Additionally you can like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and/or join our group on LinkedIn.